Character art

Inner Song road
Zinc - character design b/w
littlest robot and a feather
Feat - character design
Inner Song 009.jpg
Inner Song _ spread 03.jpg
Bad Wizard
robot butterfly
Ninoko Story Art
littlest robot in the world
littlest robot
Copper - Character Design
Inner Song _ spread 04.jpg
All the things you become
Inner Song 001.jpg
Inner Song 003.jpg
Zinc _ Ninoko character design.jpg
Inner Song Ninoko
Littlest Robot - 443 Turquoise Blue
In the Company of Wolves - Ninoko
red + the dragon
Sometimes You Blink At Your Past
Cloud Nine + Robot12
Qara - Character Desgn
bedroom angel
Cloud Nine
litttle robot 007
boy 001
Becca and Cubid
Echo - Character Design
Echo orig character design
Ninoko character sketching