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Art Direction

Creative concepts, campaigns, consultancy, logo design, website design, illustration.


Dylan Moran Books

Working with Dylan Moran as a creative assistant for his show, art work and scripts, and designing a limited edition collection of books for Dylan Moran's 'Off the Hook' tour.


Smidge / APS BioControl

Website design, brand development, ad campaigns, packaging design and illustration.


Highland Spring

Wildlife Kids Adventure Interactive website creative, email campaigns and press ads.

Concept, content design, illustration & story writing.

Ian Macleod Distillers homepage image


Ian Macleod Distillers

The creative concept and art direction for new website, icon design.

Ian Macleod Distillers have EG, etc

Kindred Spirits welcome here



Logo, brand identity and website design.

Ootnoo is a community-focused junk removal and recycling company serving the Lothians and Fife.


Lothian Pension Fund

Art Direction, design, layout, typesetting and art working for an accessible online 73pp visual report.

View the full brochure here on the LPF website.

Lothian Pension Fund


Managing Worldwide Teams

Logos, brand Identity, infographics and graphic design for a global talent development company based in Paris, France. 


Other creative work

Art direction, concepts, brand identity, ad campaigns, logo design, websites, infographics and Illustration.

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